trailer evaluation

Trailer evaluation script.

In What Ways Doers Your Media Product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In my trailer it becomes obvious that I filmed it in the day time. I did this to go against and challenge the convention of a night-time setting. I felt that most horror films are filmed at night in a dark space and this fear of darkness is played upon too much, I wanted to create a new fear for my target audience, plus the setting (church ruins) becomes clearer in the day light. I still think the setting is spooky as it is set on a cold sunny day, this juxtaposed with the narrative crates a twisted story that doesn’t seem right in the viewers mind.

What have you learned from your audience feed back?

After showing my trailer to my target audience I interviewed them this is the soundtrack from the interview.

As you may have heard, over all the feedback is mostly positive how ever I have taken the criticism on board and will consider making a few changes.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Firstly I used my blackberry to take location shots to see  what my settings will look like at the time of day I will shoot the trailer. I also used a mini dv camcorder to record my film as well as a boom mic to capture sound from further away, this enabled me to do long shots and zoom in and out with out the sound level being effected.

I filmed in a non linear order, this allowed me to shoot things in a logical way, for example there is a shot where Raska is covered in fake blood, I filmed this last so it wouldn’t be seen in earlier shots. The only reason I could do this is when I cam to editing I used a digital editing software called ‘final cut pro’ which allowed me to change the order of my film and move bits around.

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