evaluation: how effective is the…..

how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

In my opinion i think the package as a whole is effective, the clear clinical image creates an instantly identifiable franchise, for example they all share the same ‘bloody’ font, they all have the white background which connotes innocence, this can be seen in the trailer as it is set in the daytime which is when the target audience wont expect a horror film to be set. This is where i added my own element of surprise as my target audienmce wont be expecting murders, blood and stalking. People expect horror films to be set at night, mine is unconventional in this sense, the poster and website’s white background create a sense of purity and innocence concerning the character (Raska) on the front.

The combination of my poster and website reveals certain aspects of the narrative, for exapmle the audience might anticipate that the story is based mainly on the character (Raska) on the front.


The blood red used on my poster (title & eyes)  and website might reveal that ‘The preview’ is a slasher and the audience should prepare to see blood and have a sense of voyerism; the killer spying on the characters.

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