Audience feedback

In order to gain audience feedback, I sent the link to my trailer, poster and trailer on my WordPress accoumt via MSN emails. I sent this to 4 people, 2 boys and two girls, which were between 17 and 19 and therefore in my target demographic so feedback would be most important from these individuals. They also all responded to my Facebook questionnaire and were in my Facebook group, so they understood what I was trying to achieve and the process I had undertaken to create my promotional package.

I asked them to comment on:

Whether they would want to go and see the film

If they thought it was credible as a promotional package

How the ancillary texts and trailer went together

What they liked about the trailer

What they would change about the trailer

If they liked the music

If they liked the styling of my promotional package

From this feedback, I learnt what was effective and what should be changed about my promotional package.

These are the emails I received:

Person 1:

I really liked the trailer, and thought it was much better when a bit of back story was given instead of jumping straight into the action, so we could understand what the storyline was. I would want to go see it, as it featured teenagers and as I am a teenager myself I can relate to this age group.  I also liked the way it featured quite universal locations, because it makes it more scary because it could happen anywhere. The trailer actually looked quite realistic, because of the lighting and the music, which was good. I liked the way it became more action filled towards the end, because it leaves you on a cliffhanger wanting to go see the film. If I could change anything about the trailer, I would make it more scary from the beginning so its more frightening and you can tell it’s a horror film from the start. I liked the music, it was really scary and sounded liked the soundtrack from a real horror movie. I think the three products go well together, I really like the blood marks, which is typical horror. The trailer has people in that are in the poster and website, so you can tell its meant to be one promotional package.

Person 2:

 I think the ancillary texts and the trailer go well together, because you can tell from all three that these are meant to be aimed at teenagers, which would appeal to me. I think the poster and website are really intriguing, because you look at the girl trying to kill herself and wonder what’s going on and if shes actually going to kill herself. Because Im a teenage girl myself, I can empathise with her which would make me want to go and see the film. I like the trailer, because it looks realistic and you could almost believe it’s a real horror trailer. I liked the text at the beginning giving background information, and the sudden change to everything being ok, which is an effective contrast. I like how it becomes more and more frightening and tense, because it seems to build up to a crecendo at the end, which makes you feel really excited and wanting to watch the film at the end. My favourite part was the dead body being dragged along the floor, that was really gory and typical of horror.  I like the music, but I thought it should have the beat that is at the end all the way through. If I could change anything, I would change the lighting becomes sometimes it was too dark and hard to see.

Person 3:

 I actually felt really sorry for all of the characters throughout the trailer, because they all seemed really vulnerable. I think that was achieved through the locations, as the house and the forest seemed really dark and isolated.  I would want to see the film, because I would find the idea of an possession really interesting, and because it includes teenagers, I can relate to this age group. I really like the music, it sounds like music thats on real horror trailers, and I like the way it builds. I also think its good that its not actually music, its sound effects that fit with what is going on in the trailer.  I think the ancillary texts and the trailer went really well together because the styling was similar, because the lighting was similar, the font was the same, and the bloodstains were shown in violent images in the trailer. However, I would have used a different image, because I don’t think it automatically links to the theme of possession and what happens in the trailer, so it isn’t very continuous. I really liked the montage bit at the end of the trailer, as it made it seem more tense and reinforced the fact that the characters are in real danger, as they are shown running etc.

Person 4:

I really liked the music, I thought it was very realistic and made the scenes in the trailer seem more effective. I also thought it was effective that the lighting turned from light to dark when events turned negative. I thought this made it credible and realistic as a trailer. It would appeal to teenagers because it has teenagers in it and it shows a normal setting. It means that we can relate to it better. I also thought it worked really well in relation with the website and poster and they all conveyed the typical aspects of the horror genre really effectively. I would definitely want to go and see this film.  If I could change anything about the promotional package I would make the length of the trailer shorter so that less was given away. This would create more of a need for me to actually go and watch it.

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