Production Plan and Script

Script and production plan

Scene 1
First scene set at Tim’s house whilst Tim and Louise are playing on their gameboys. Tim answers the phone.

Tim: Hello
Crop. Split screen comes in from the left, with grace sitting on her bed on the phone.

Grace: Hey

Tim: Yeah, what’s up?

Grace: Tim I’m pregnant

Tim: nah shut-up you’re lying.

Tim hangs up on grace. The split screen leaves from left to the right.

(Caption: Two friends…)

scene 2

Shot of Tim lying on graces belly, they’re both laughing

(caption: two friends…)

Scene 3

Shot of grace stroking her pregnant belly in the mirror.

(Caption: ..And their perfect accident)

Scene 4

shot of tim

(caption: jake domingo)

Scene 5

shot of lousie

(caption: tom wastling)

scene 6

shot of grace

(caption: claire willoughby)

scene 7

Caption: This October

Caption: meet

Scene 8

Caption: Tim & Grace


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