Poster evaluation

VN550098Poster Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or change forms and conventions of real media products?

After looking at my focus group and questionnaire results I decided to go with a red and White theme for my poster. In this way my product follows the conventions of other real horror film posters, this is because red is a common colour used in horror films and is closely associated with blood and danger.

The image is a little less conventional as it doesn’t reveal much about the narrative, however the images ghost like quality juxtaposed with the white background gives the poster a clinical feel and creates a disturbing atmosphere. It also creates enigmas concerning this particular character, the red tint to the eyes suggests she is a witness to a murder or in contrast she is guilty. Her expression connotes sadness and depression.

Where as most horror film posters are mostly based on a black theme to connote mystery and danger, my own product goes against this convention, as I wanted the white to connote innocence concerning the character, plus the white really emphasizes the blood red.

The typography of the title ‘The Preview’ follows a conventional trend of blood splatters and keeps in with the Red and white theme. I used a ‘steel tongs’  font off of

What have you learned From your audience feed back?

After talking to few people concerning my own poster one commented.

“ Its quite unconventional (White background and grey tones) however this is effective as it makes the centre image stand out and adds emphasis on the important information e.g the title and the release date, I think that the ghost edited picture works as it does spark off questions in the viewers mind about the film itself.”- Dev Mistry.

From this I discovered that the poster has the desired effect on my target audience. Overall my audience feedback was positive and results regarding my focus group and questionnaire were put to use as I analysed them closely and tried to incorporate peoples ideas into my main product. In total I have learned that some people find very conventional posters a bit predictable/boring as they can reveal too about the narrative and don’t keep the audience engaged/ create enigmas. How ever I have also learnt that you need to keep some aspects of a horror film poster to keep it identifiable with the genre of film.

someone also stated ‘ I dislike the way the image has been edited as it doesn’t reveal alot about the character or the film’. From this i learnt that peoples interpretations of the same thing can be rather different so you have to fit your ideas to appeal to everyone. I will consider this when reviewing my poster and applying changes. However I rather like having to think about something rather than having it given to me on a plate.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.

A wide range of media technologies were used in all areas of my product. For example when researching into how to make a good horror film poster my research was primarily internet based. I searched the internet for real posters and visited reviews websites and studied the conventions. I also used the internet to research into different effects you can apply to images in photoshop.

After gathering the knowledge needed to design a good horror film poster I created a couple of flat plan ides and used a scanner to upload them to my apple mac pc and then publish them on

Websites like and gave  me the option to  sample & download fonts suitable for a horror film.

I also used a digital compact camera to take the main image, I took a set of images and chose the best one. After deciding, I used photoshop to edit/ manipulate the image and  compare my own poster alongside the real thing.

I used Microsoft word to create questionnaires, focus groups and utilized microsft excel to create  the results in the form of graphs,  I fond this very useful as it was quick and simple.

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