Before even thinking about my final products I had done some research into the field of genre films I had chosen, which was horror. I had done a textual analysis on each form of promotion, poster, website and trailer using three different films. This showed me what was conventional in the market today. I also extensively analyzed the similarities in conventions with these different horror films and tried to draw up conclusions of why these individual aspects were carried out. To take extra steps into making my promotion package more conventional I researched the actual genre of horror films on the internet and had gained a brief outline of what an actual horror film entails, thus letting me build my promotion package ideas around this brief. I also researched into different media theories extensively as it was important for me to understand different media narratives to incorporate them into my products.

The imagery I used for my poster and website was one of the most, if not the most important factor of my promotion packages. I tried to get as many as possible to get a good variety giving me a broader choice when it came to constructing the actual thing. I had to make it conventional therefore clearly showing the genre as well as the narrative of my film. The first thing people notice is the images and that is what I will get the most feedback on, thus making it the most influential element of my promotion package. Also, I had to build other things around my image, such as the layout, text font and color scheme. As it is the center of my promotion packages. Thus making my product conventionally fit into itself. I used a digital camera to get my images and I did it in the filming process, as then the images become true and relative to the trailer, instead of being taken before the shooting and acting as if its happening, it is much more effective when the people are in character for the actual shot. I also set it at night, this would give me a solid color scheme to build my image around and is conventional because horror films are typically set in the dark.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

My color scheme is consistent throughout my products, from my color scheme of my actual trailer, which is my main product, to the overall color scheme of my website and poster, which are the ancillary texts. The same text has been written in the same colors, for example, the release date is in the same size, color and font. This is all to show the poster and the website are linked. The same could be said about all texts on the website and poster, as if one is seen on the other then the same theme would be used so it is on both of the ancillary texts. The same font has been incorporated into the trailer captions. I also added my own symbols to distinguish my promotion package, to show they are all linked and also to give my promotion package a unique stamp. These are the claw marks which can be seen on my last film caption, and also on my website homepage. Also the blood splatter on my homepage can be seen throughout my captions on my trailer. A lot of films add their small trademarks to leave their mark on a viewer, these are factors like my small image/my logo/my prop etc. They will therefore always link it back to that film after they have seen it.

On my media analysis of other products I have analyzed that title stays consistent throughout. There is never any change to the title font color or size. This is to leave a memorable mark of the film to the person viewing it. If it changed a lot through ancillary texts and trailer captions, it would not be memorable at all.

I have used a billing block throughout my promotion package, on my poster and my trailer, in the form of a caption. I did not include it in my website as it did not seem conventional after looking at some other posters which were not in my textual analysis, widening my research. I felt I had to use it because it is very important and contains information about cross media and institutional information, which if the audience want to know, should have the right to easy access to it. However, as my film is most important I have written the billing block in a dark grey so it does not stand out, but is still there if someone wishes to view it. Signifying the film is more important than this. Also, the conventional font for this is steal tongs, therefore the two times which I used the billing block, I used the same font.

The picture of the little girl is incorporated three times throughout my product, so when people visualize my film they also visualize the little girl as she is the center of the trailer. The picture is edited to make the girl as scary as she can be, combining both images on the ancillary texts then also showing her looking similar in the trailer. This makes the image of the little girl wide spread, showing clearly she I the center of my film. Making her and also the title the visualization of Vengeance as these are the consistent themes throughout the combinations of my main product and ancillary texts. I tried to make the image brighter than the rest of the things on the ancillary texts as she ha to be recognizable, because looking at her makes us recognize the genre of the film. Therefore it is wise that I have used her across my whole promotion package

Even though I have changed my layout slightly on my poster and website, they still look strongly linked. I decided I did not want a complete copy of a poster for my website with just trailer on, this is why I had made a few tweaks, but only the layout was changed, the size, color and fonts was not. Therefore showing the high effectiveness of my main product and ancillary text as the text on my captions are also linked in an obvious way which anybody can see because of things like blood splatter, font size color and style, also the background color is consistent throughout all three product, even when filming.

However, my tag line was in white but as a caption on my trailer it was red. I then decided to change this because was boring how all the captions were red, and this was the main caption therefore having to stand out. It also makes the whole package more effective as it is identical.

A major flaw in my promotion package is that my trailer says that the film was by a company called Twisted Pictures, however, the ancillary texts show that it was by Warner Bros, I had not been able to correct this as my poster and website were saved as a JPEG and I could not remove the Warner Brothers logo. Therefore making the strength of my main product and ancillary text a lot less effective. This is therefore a factor that is not consistent.


Even though the landscape of my poster and website are not exactly the same, they both have the same texts and style therefore making them look strongly linked as it all contains the same information. It all has endorsement information, which is on the bottom of both of my ancillary texts, other small pieces of significant information such as institutional information and other small info is also on the bottom. As I have used a different layout they do not look directly linked, but it is conventional for the poster to be portrait and website to be landscape. My image is the same but a small bit different, therefore showing they are related. Yet making it more exciting as it is not just one image the viewer has to look at.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

My audience feedback was very helpful. Giving me ideas and inspiration for new ideas, as well as helping me make important decisions as to what to include and what not to include in my promotion package.


For a low budget, and unknown promotion package such as this one, I am proud to say my trailer on Youtube has received 10+ views within the first few minutes when I had first posted it. This shows it will be popular, as if this is the number of views I have started off with, I could have numerous amounts in due time. Therefore showing that my trailer is in fact popular and being publicized, therefore showing it is doing what it was supposed to have set out and done, that is to promote the horror film Vengeance. I look forward to seeing the increase in its popularity, and if this is confirmed and done so then it will show that my promotion package is actually a success.


My questionnaire alone helped me decide factors which my target demographic will like. As well as helping me se who my target demographic was (16+). By doing this I was assisted by answers telling me what sub-genre my audience preferred to watch (super natural), the certificate I should dub my film (18), what type of advertisement I should conduct my promotion on (poster and website), whether to make the promotion identical (as much as possible), the color scheme (black and red), what information to include whether to put my trailer on my website (the basics), the gender of my main characters (female), my film release date (2 months from trailer release) and also my location (the woods) as well my the degree too which I should give away my plot on my trailer (three-quarters), and what sound to include on it (both diegetic and non-diegetic).

Focus group

By asking vital questions which I could not include on my questionnaire as they were too specific nd opinionated, What type of film is most popular in cinemas, therefore the best aspects of it, and adding my own, combined together will make a great film. I asked which features that grabbed attention, and as mystery cropped up i tried to incorporate this by filming in a foggy weather, making it more mysterious. Also finding abnormal facial expressions on posters are intriguing therefore I also tried to incorporate this when my question of what feature grabs your attention most when showing my target demographic the films which I used in my textual analysis. I added the need to know information on my promotional packages as it was said doing this would be highly effective. I also thought it was the most constructive advice from all of which I had gotten. And I tried to keep my layout conventional and set it out similarly to the posters I had analysed. Gaining the knowledge that this feature would make my package look conventional over-all.


The feedback I have been given has been very helpful. I have made an effort to get various forms of feedback, such as asking people around my college, who are part of my target demographic, posting it onto my Facebook, and most importantly asking my teachers who are professionals in this area obviously.  It has shown me that I am on the right track but I have dad to develop my ideas and products further. I have gained feedback in the form of visual and audio proof.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Without new media technologies my whole project would be completely different. I used a lot of different technology in different stages of my product. The software I used was wide-spread, for the construction and research I used Final cut, wich helped me edit the material I already had. I also used websites which told me more about my genre therefore enabling me to add conventional elements when going into construction of my actual products. I also used WordPress to display proof of the work I had already completed and also for my teachers to give me feedback. I had used iTunes to let me listen  to my trailer as sound only to see how it sounded without visual aid, assuring me all aspects of this trailer were spot on. GarageBand was where I actually obtained the music from, without it I would have has to construct my own music which would have been incredibly hard as I did not have those resources available to me. The hardware I had used was the iMac and Computer, where I was able to access production applications such as Final Cut and Photoshop to construct my website and poster, without Photoshop my finished products would have looked very amateurish. On the actual filming aspect of my trailer I had used other hardware such as a digital camera, to take pictures which would go on my website and poster and also to take pictures of my location, actors and props, a Mini DV camera, a digital stills camera, a boom microphone, tripod and a dolly. This all helped me film to the most professional standard I could obtain.

The new media technologies I used in the construction of my planning that was and evaluation stages in the form og hardware was the scanner, to put my story board and my book research onto WordPress. I used software such as YouTube to view the trailer clips which I chose to use for my textual analysis, the internet was a wide source for my planning, where my Focus group took place, as well as research into my genre. I also used google to view other parts of the promotion packages for my textual analysis, posters and websites. Yet again, using WordPress, to display my work onto. Therefore being able to access it anywhere with an internet connection, much better than paper based planning. I had used Photoshop to give me some inspiration , making a genre mood board and a font mood board, thus stimulation my ideas for my actual promotion package. Also using Photoshop to paste the flat plans onto which I constructed on Microsoft word, therefore being able to save it as a JPEG and being able to upload it onto WordPress. I also used the necessities of a computer, Microsoft word, to construct my questionnaire and also paste various items onto, and Microsoft excel to transform my questionnaire results into pie charts and bar charts, also making me able to produce a production schedule, helping me keep on task and organised.

I had used software such as Facebook to obtain feedback from my draft final production package, this is because it is mostly used by my target demographic, and their feedback is most valuable. It is also a good way of getting lots of feedback which is important to improve your product. I also used hardware such as a mini DV camera to video a couple of people from my target demographic and see what they think of my products and give me feedback. It is important that I record this information so I can look back at it when I need to.

The advantages of using these new media technologies are that the quality of my whole project is improved and is of a higher quality.  The technology I am using is compatible with various software and websites, therefore being able to scan digital file and making it easier to get hold of. It is also easier to share my work with teachers and others for purposes of e.g. feedback, if my website and poster was paper-based I could only show a few people at a time, however, numerous amounts of people can go onto the internet and look at it, there is no limit.

However, there are some disadvantages of using new media technologies. Firstly, all of the equipment is very expensive, some people may not have the resources to get hold of this specific technology. It is also hard to  store all of this work as things such as Photoshop files are of a huge size, and it will also come with the cost of buying a memory stick to fit all of this onto. Another disadvantage of this is that the technology requires training to use as it is very complicated, assistance may be needed at awkward times such as when filming/constructing  on Photoshop away from the college facilities where there is no assistance. Another disadvantage is that internet connections are needed to access all of these files and clips, it is nt everywhere that this can be reachable, and if something messes up, valuable time can be lost because of no internet facilities.

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