Questionnaire Analysis

Questionnaire Analysis;

From completing a questionnaire and looking at the results I have found out what type of genre film I will be producing.  I asked 5 boys and 5 girls the reason n I did this was to make my result less biased and get people to have an equal say. I asked more people aged group 15-17 as they will be my target audience. When I asked people if they would prefer music on the trailer they answered no. This gave me a clearer idea of what type of sound to have on the trailer from looking at this I have now decided to do a voice over. I also asked if people would like to me top place the film trailer on the website, the reason I asked this is because if it is easier to access and for people to watch it as they browse the website. From my questionnaire I also asked what type of links they would like to see on the website which would help them get a better understanding of the film, this would benefit me for my website promotional package. The target audience I asked also replied saying they would like to see the main image on the trailer. And like to see hints on the trailer that are relating to the trailer.

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