Conventions for promotional package.

Main conventions for a film trailer;

From analysing three film trailers, posters and websites. I noticed the similar features for example the same layout and colours used.

For a film trailer they are;

  • The trailer is no longer then 1minute 15seconds.
  • Showing the main characters but not revealing too much.
  • Brief storyline of what is happening.
  • If a voice over is being used it is a deep serious voice.
  • Title of the film looks very plain to stand out.


Main conventions of a film website;

  • Have a image on the website relating to the film
  • Release date being put on the website
  • Links at the bottom, to become a fan on different social networking sites such as Face book.
  • List of options to choose from for example gallery, downloads etc.
  • Some websites had a tagline used.


Main conventions for a film poster;

  • Three convention colours being used for the entire promotional package.
  • One image on the poster being in the middle.
  • Release date
  • Billing block
  • Tag line.


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