Deception Planning Production: Props

Here are the Props, that i have used in my film trailer :

From my local shop, i had brought a Halloween make up kit. This is beacause, one of the character in my film trailer was represented as a scary women. Therefore to illustrate this i had put firstly tested the make up on her hand, as i did not wanted any side effects such as rashes etc. The character had left the make up for while, however the make- up was causing probelms such itching and spots. Therefore we had to refer to another method, to create a scary face. So then we used baby powder, as this gave us a mysterious, gloomy face. To add more detail to make it effective, i had brought fake blood, where the blood was running down her mouth and cuts around her face have a great look for an horror trailer.

Also i had used a torch to give a low light imagery look. Also i had created a poster, where i poured over coffee and water and let it dry to give an old look. Also i had printed blood hand print, this is becuase to create engima – in who’s hand is it ?


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