Press Release: Angel of Death

Introducing ‘Angel of Death’ A Samuel Stevens Film from STVENS.CO

Hitting cinema screens across the globe on 14th November 2010 comes ‘Angel of Death’ from the imagination of renowned director Samuel Stevens. The STVENS.CO/Twisted Pictures production comes on the back of their last collaboration, ‘The Sacrificed’.

Following the story of Darren (Gunjit Singh, Best Male, Oscars 2008), a normal 18 year old university student, in a village on edge as ‘Death’ reaps through the locals, performing his ‘duty’. As religious scripts start to come true, peoples very beliefs come into question while Darren is left alone in the country fields at night.

The latest in a long line of “psychological horror’s” from Samuel Stevens, ‘Angel of Death’ explores human activity and just how far we are willing to go to preserve our lives. Gunjit Singh (Depression, Alone, Him) Ben Wright (Expression, The One, Number 54) and Ryan Attwal (Waking the Dead, Lost) lead the glittering cast.

For more information check out and November’s edition of Empire for behind the scenes video’s and exclusive interviews.

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