Textual summary.

Film website;

From looking at trailers and posters I found that they used the same colours throughout their promotional package. I found this effective. Gothic used an enter page this worked well as it gave an audience a feel for something to popped out. When you got on the website the trailer played automatically I also found this effective as it grabs the audience’s attention as the sound and video is already playing. I am planning to put my trailer on the homepage. I will also be using the same colour scheme throughout, black white and red consistent. This links back to the genre being horror, connoting danger and blood. The opposition with them on a black background works well. The links I will be using on the homepage will be included from my questionnaire that I used in my planning.

Film poster;

From analysing three posters gave me a clearer idea on the type of poster I want to produce. All three posters use convention colours this is what will be using on mine, also taking abit image to take up most of the page on the poster as this is eye catching. The colours on Gothic are dark this connotes mystery and this is similar to what I want to create. I want to use an image that will get the audience thinking “what’s going to happen next”. From looking at scream the characters face expressions shown the main characters I don’t want to give that away on the poster as I feel that it should be kept a mystery. The use of red connotes blood this is also relating to the genre. This is another reason I want to use red on my poster. From using a tag line I think it works well as it gives the audience an idea what the film is about.

Film trailer;

From looking at three horror trailers I have noticed a similar pattern, all three trailers use the same non-diegetic music the start of the trailer. This gives the audience an idea of what the film trailer is like, it also shows the main characters from beginning to the end this gets the audience comfortable with who will be playing in the film. Looking at film trailers I have also noticed the dark colours that have been used, this makes it more of a mystery to audience as the dark colours connotes mystery I will be using this in my film trailer as I think it will work efficiently. From looking at other trailers it tends to start bright then fade to darkness, this will also be used in my trailer. In a horror trailer it is quite clear that the trailer needs to be scary in the three I have analysed I shows that they are quite jumpy, and look hand held I will be trying to create the same kind of trailer. The shots in the trailers tend to get faster this gives the audience a hidden mystery as it is creating suspense for them. This is a congenital for a horror film. All the trailers start slowly and calmly and end up with an event happening.  At the end of the trailer they also have a “coming soon” date I will also be using this at the end of my trailer.

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