I decided to create my own production company because after all, I am producing this movie myself. I was aware, from my research which includes my textual analysis work, that the production company would have to share traits with the genre which the movie is based around. Like “Twisted Pictures”, I was keen for my production company to be genre-specific and so this needed to be made clear in the design of my logo.

“Angel of Death” is a horror movie so my logo will have to follow horror conventions. Red is a colour which has become intrinsically linked with the genre become of its connotations of blood and danger. For this reason the decision to use it as the base colour was one of the first I made. Because of the blood connotations I was keen for my logo to have a ‘blood splattered’ effect to suggest that blood is spilt regularly in STVENS.CO movies. I went about doing this by adding splatters onto the text, meaning the logo looks like it is blood stained.

The font also needed to be imposing. My typography was a sans serif font meaning it was simple, blocked writing. It fills the logo’s canvas, making it seem more dominant, while also making the production company’s name easier to isolate. The grey/white shade means that it stands out well from the red base it falls upon, also meaning that it will be more visible from far distances.

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