Conventions for trailer poster and website

When I analysed 3 trailers, 3 posters and 3 websites, I noticed that they all had similar features. For example the way they were set out how many colours they used on the poster, website how many images used. What types of fonts etc.

The main conventions of trailer’s are:

• Give away a brief outline of the story without revealing too much, in a non linea structure
• Show the main charachters in the trailer so the audience can see who the main charachetrs are and get a feel of what they are about
• Keep it under 1.30 minutes
• Deep, male voiceovers are commonly used for voice overs
• A soundtrack is used to determin the feeling of whats going to happen. For example scary music makes you think something bad is going to happen
• Title of the film at the end, norammly on a blank background.
• Billing block

The main conventions of poster are:

• 3 colour system. Uses 3 colours only on the poster. This has occurred on every poster I analysed
• One main large image is on the poster
• The title of the film
• A tag line
• Release date
• Billing block – directed by: cast: lighting by: etc
• Only some contained certificate

The main conventions of website:

• They all have a list of options to choose from for example, synopsis, gallery, characters etc.
• They all contained the trailer on the website whether it was on the home page or as a separate option
• They had an image of the characters on the website
• They all had the release date of the film
• They had facebook, bebo, and myspace links to click on if you wanted to become a fan
• They also had a tagline on the website

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