treatment 2 revised

I have planned to create a horror film trailer, however even though I am creating only a small one-minute film teaser trailer, it is important to have a whole plot/idea for my trailer, this treatment allows me to easily create my teaser trailer.

For my production I have to create a promotional package for a film idea of my choice, I will be creating a website, poster and teaser trailer for this promotional package. The genre I have chosen for this project is the horror genre. However for me to be able to create these different pieces of work I must first have an understanding of what my story line is going to be. The title of my film will be ‘Alone’. My trailer will be filmed from a first person point of view.

My film will consist of five acts and each one of these acts will consist of three different parts, the start, middle and end, I will also include the central location of each act and also the characters involved. The structure of the story is very important and I have taken into consideration different theorists when deciding on the structure of my story line.

By using the ideas and theories of different theorists such and Vladamir Prop, I decided that my story must be very conventional and align with he genres core values but also exciting and interesting and .

Treatment: –

Act one –

Characters – Ethan (Cameraman), Jack, Lewis and Coombes

Location – Car park, gate to field.

Start – We see the establishing shot and understand it’s a rural location. We hear silence other than the speech of the four boys. See them wearing normal clothes suggesting they are from the city. Hear them talking about an urban legend. Filming for a school project.

Middle –Climbing over the gate as its locked suggesting no entry. Hear them discussing the abandoned railway track and tunnel. How this is a great idea for a school project. The bird shooter is set off making them jump.

End – Start to walk across the fields.

Act 2 –

Characters – Ethan (Cameraman), Jack, Lewis and Coombes

Location – Fields

Start – We see the four messing around play fighting etc.

Middle – Coombes tells a small story about something he heard from his parents about a murder at the abandoned tracks.

End – Everyone brushes Coombes’ story as a myth and continue on.

Act 3 –

Characters – Ethan (Cameraman), Jack, Lewis and Coombes

Location – Field and fence to climb over.

Start – Arrive at the fence, which they have to climb over, suggesting for them to keep out.

Middle – All make it over the fence and onto a pathway, cannot see the tunnel in the distance, and begin to wonder where this track/tunnel is.

End – Begins to get dark and the pathway has an end in sight with a very large boarded up train tunnel

Act 4 –

Characters – Ethan (Cameraman), Jack, Lewis and Coombes

Location – Outside tunnel and inside.

Start – They discuss who’s going in and decide they must all go I for the purposes of the work as its all their work. Switch on the torches and head in.

Middle – All goes silent and can only see for a short distance in front of them. The tunnel noises start to worry them.

End – The banging noises get louder and they decide to turn around as they think they have all the footage they need.

Act 5 –

Characters – Ethan (Cameraman), Jack, Lewis and Coombes

Location – Tunnel interior.

Start – The pace of the walking begins to pick up, and head towards the door, the torches suddenly go dead.

Middle – A lot of banging, screaming and “helps occur”, the camera drops for the camera mans hand and it all goes silent. Other than the final piece of speech, which is “Where is everyone?”

End – Rolls to credits.

(Now I have an idea for as to how my film trailer goes and what the central characters are like, I will now be able to implement these features into my promotional package)

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