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September 8th – Commenced more research

September 9th – Worked on focus groups and questionnaires

September 10th – Improved textual analysis for all posters, trailers and websites

September 14th – Textual Analysis’s fully completed

September 15th – Cast Research and Mis-en-Scene research

September 16th – commenced location research

September 21st – Researched more posters and logos

September 22nd – Researched more websites and logos and learnt how to use cameras

September 23rd – Started work on poster , managed to get layout finished, just text needs to be done

September 28th – worked on poster regarding the legal information mainly, worked on some colors and finished everything on the poster regarding text, when I went home I took some of my poster images. Also worked on the Steel Tongs website

September 29th – worked on website, finished text and layout

September 30th – Worke on website and trailer once again

5th October – finished poster

6th October – finished website

7th October – worked on shooting schedule

12th October – redone poster

13th October – redone website

14th October – started working on trailer

15th October – working on trailer

16th October – working on trailer

26th October – looking back on planning

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