film treatment

For A2 media I have designed a poster, website and trailer for my horror film, ‘The Preview’. My aim is to create a fresh/new idea for a film that my target audience can relate to. This would include teenagers, college students, bullies & victims.

This film contains strong themes of appearance verses reality & fantasy verses reality. Both of which are conveyed through each and every character.

The film title, the preview, relates to the storyline as the students who are making a film become the film themselves. This is conveyed by them experiencing the same situation as their characters whilst making their own film, for example being hunted by a murderer close to home. The narrative was inspired by ‘The Blair Witch Project’ , which revolves around characters creating a documentary about a mythical witch and become victims of the witch themselves. This is all seen on the ‘in film’ ‘camera footage’ of the characters documentary, I decided that using ‘in film camera footage’ in my own film would be appropriate. As stated before, the group in ‘The Preview’ are being stalked by someone close to home. This idea was inspired by scream, in which the killer is 2 members of the friendship  groups. In ‘The Preview’ the killer is a girl from college who the group have been unkind to in the past and have  not included in their own film. However the group themselves start to suspect each other when the film reaches a state of disequilibrium and paranoia sets in.

Act 1:

CAST: Dev Mistry, Ellie Mitchell, Jade Warren, Raska Radulovic, plus a picture of  Sammi (The villan)

LOCATIONS: A street, pavement.

BEGINNING: All the characters are introduced to the audience. They are seen chatting about their film, a girl at their college, and various parties going on at the weekend.

MIDDLE:  They reach Raska’s house and start unpacking their things, the group split up around the house, preparing the costumes and setting up the cameras.

END: Dev’s character is hiding in the closet and jumps out pranking the other characters and making them jump, his character is the murderer in the students film. The characters then all hear the front door slam and start to blame each other.

Act 2:

CAST: Same as previous minus the picture of Sammi

LOCATIONS: the house (kitchen & living room) in a car, the country manor drive & A field.

BEGINNING: All of the characters pack up and grab all there things and get in the car to go to the next setting and shoot the rest of the film

MIDDLE:  the cast arrive at their second location and begin setting up,  they start shooting death scenes where Dev (in character) kill off  each character one by one. They get freaked out as they all keep making each other jump in the fading daylight.

END: Dev & Jade fall over in some mud so have to go back to the car and re-change. They leave the others in a field alone and they start to hear noises and blame Dev and Jade for playing pranks when they return.

Act 3:

CAST:  full cast plus the ‘real’ masked killer.

LOCATIONS: the same field as previous plus a courtyard.

BEGINNING: Jade,  Ellie & Dev go to find the 3rd setting on location leaving raska by herself, setting up the camera and starts recording the opening scene. They hear a scream and run back. Dev is the first to return to the 2nd setting to find Raska on the floor in pain. she has been stabbed, Ellie and Jadetry to ring the police but neither of them has a signal. By this part of the film  the ‘in film’ camera footage is shown to the audience to create a sense of  voyerism and relate to the idea from The Blair Witch Project that the camera sees everything.

MIDDLE:The characters start to suspect each other as they huddle around Raska.  The ‘in film’ camera is left running in the same spot. The characters start blaming each other and start to panic as they hear something circling them in the dark. Ellie starts Shouting out threatening the person in the darkness jade tries to run for it and goes into the darkness towards the car. W here a scream and the shot cuts to the in film camera which shows jade being attacked.

END: Raska needs to get to the hospital but is ok and can stand for now, she along with dev and elli shout for Jade but there is no reply, they assume the worst and Apologize to each other.

Act 4:

CAST:  same as previous

LOCATIONS: main Field & a country Road

BEGINNING: Ellie starts to get angry at their stalker again and goes to attack them in the darkness, we see her fight but is hit round the head with a shovel and temporarily knocked out, the killer runs off.

MIDDLE: Dev and Raska call out for Ellie but she is bearly concious dev suggests to go and see if she is ok but Raska pleads for him not to leave her. The in film camera is used more now, we see dev go over to ellie who is also hit round the head, Raska shouts his name but it is too late.

END: We see Raska on the floor and a dark figure walking towards her, the killer removes their mask and carlessly lets it drop on the floor. their is then a close up of Raskas Reaction as she says “YOU?”. The killer circles Raska and we see this through point of veiw shots in a shot reverse shot formation. At the same time we hear Raska questioning the killer and she asks “why are you doing this,” the killer replies “thats what i used to ask myself, why are they mean to me, what have i done to them. Why do they have to bully me, hurt me…. why cant they just die!”

Act 5:

CAST:  Dev, Raska & the masked killer.

LOCATIONS: Same as preivous.

BEGINNING: The use of a fade to white shows Raska Flashing back to a moment the killer could be referring to, it shows the group (Raska, Ellie, Jade & Dev) rejecting the killer from their friendship group leaving her alone and crying. Raska starts talking to the killer standing up for her and her freinds,  quick paced shot reverse shots are used to show the tension in the scene.

MIDDLE: As they are talking the audience will become aware that the knife beside Raska has disappeared, she tries to get up and the killer (Sami) lunges forward in an agressive manner, tricking the audience that she is attempting to stab Raska yet again. A diegetic scream is heard and Sami falls to the floor.

END: The end scene shows Raska walking down the same street as the beginning of the film, she smiles as she greets Ellie, Dev and Jade.  she says “It’s all over now. She’s in hospital and will be put away in a secure unit when she has recovered.” “The police still haven’t Found the camera though.” the screen then cuts to the ‘in film’ camera showing it is on the floor and a low battery, we see a dark figure walking towards the camera and the screen cuts to black, the non diegetic sound of static energy (like on a television with a bad signal) can be heard. This is the end of the Film.

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