Poster draft.


Before designing my film poster, I thought a lot about the image which would connote my genre and also attract my target audience.  I found that the main actor in the film should be the main image and therefore I ensured that I used this on my poster. I used the victim lying in the park, to present part of the narrative and also to make the audience want to watch the film. This is done by not revealing everything to the audience, as the image isn’t clear enough for everything to be seen. Also, there are no other characters in the poster and therefore the audience would want to know what has happened to the girl, and who else was involved.

When gathering feedback for my poster draft, I found that the image didn’t work as well as I thought, as it didn’t show narrative throughout the poster. I therefore decided to take another image which would convey the title of the film a lot more. I used two other characters, the friend and the villain which were stood behind the girl. This I believe makes the audience ask questions about the narrative as they want to know who the characters are, who has deceived the girl. Although I changed my image, I still used the idea of the girl being exposed as this I believe makes her look more vulnerable.

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