Website Development

Screenshot 1- 28th September

To begin the development of my website I start by adding a black background to my page and brought the film title used on my poster and positioned onto my website homepage. This concept of consistency is important to maintain therefore beginning the development the website by considering this concept will enable me to maintain this concept throughout the development. I have also added the area links to the top of the page, and these are the five that were chosen through my questionnaires and focus group response.

Screenshot 2 – 29th September

I have now edited the area links to add this glow to each heading; this is to give the area links prominence on the page so that the audience can recognize that these lead to other parts of the website. I have also moved the name of my film ‘Possessed’ to the top of the webpage in accordance to one of my flat plans that I preferred. I have also added the institutional information such as copyrights information, production company logos, links to other websites that rate the film. I have also added a quote from a review of the film by Alongside all of this conventional information I have decided to add a line of text at the top which is advising and preparing the audience for the trailer that they are about to watch.

Screenshot 3 – 30th September

As you can see I have found an appropriate image that u could use on my webpage. This image has been edited once already on the program imovie however still needs further manipulation in order for it to be fit to be displayed on the homepage. I have positioned the two lines of text that advise and inform the audience at the top of the page so that it is centrally aligned. I have also made the text which is the quote extracted from a review slightly smaller so that other pieces of text are more prominent on the homepage.

Screenshot 4- 30th September

As you can see in this screenshot I have now manipulated the image further using some tools on Photoshop, I have decayed the edges of the image to give this olden decayed affect.

Screenshot 5- 1st October

Added this glow to the edges of the image as the previous editing made the edges look to sharp and harsh. I have also further positioned the review quote underneath the release date of the film.

Screenshot 6- 1st October

The final editing of the first draft of my homepage consisted of zooming into the character within the image as the surroundings are not as important as the facial expressions of the character. The image has a more personal affect on the audience as they can see the reaction of the character through the use of make up and costume.






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