Trailer Production

(Next I moved on to the production of my trailer, which is another of product I created.)


After deciding on an appropriate plot and after completing my storyboard, I thought it would be a good time to being my trailer production. I gained all of my footage over a period of time and did not film it in any particular order. Some parts needed filming at a specific time, so I began with footage I had already attained ready to add other parts at a later date. I gained my footage by using a HD video camera and then opened this into Final Cut Pro. I felt it necessary to document my progress, to keep on track and stay organised with my production. From doing this, I can note when certain changes were made to my trailer and can also see how my product has developed over the production time. The progress of my trailer can be shown below:

Trailer Progress

(My website, poster and trailer have all been completed and I have therefore finished my entire promotional package.)

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