Poster Development

Screenshot 0 – 23rd September

Using the research on the typefaces that I carried out previously I decided to download all of the five typefaces from and apply them onto this black background to see which one looked the most aesthetically pleasing. I added drop shadows and edited the typefaces to make them unique to my film ‘Possessed. As you can see within this screenshot I have added certain elements such as the release date, some of the billing block and a few institutional elements such as the production company logos.

Screenshot 1- 23rd September

Dropped the image onto the poster and edited the image using particular tools on Photoshop. I have also completed the billing block which has now been position with a central alignment to the width of the poster. I have also put a few more production logos onto the bottom and started to play around with the positioning in order for it to look symmetrical on each side. The rulers which are shown on the shot helped me to be more precise with the alignment on the logos and to also make sure that accurate spacing is left between logos on each side.

Screenshot 2 – 24th September

In this screenshot you can see that I have now added the website of the film to the poster which I have decided should be positioned in between the production logos which are either side, this has been done in order to give this symmetrical look which gives the poster a visual balance for each to intake. The typeface used for the website is the same as the typeface used for the release date of the film ‘October 26’. I have also started to position my tag line to the top far left of the poster.

Screenshot 3 – 24th September

Further detail added consists of the 5 star rating which is positioned above the title of the film in a deep red colour, the connation here is blood and thus further connotes the genre of the film which is horror.

Screenshot 4 – 25th September


The next step I took was to add the remainder of the tagline to the poster; this was positioned so that it does not intersect the lighter parts of the image as this will then result in the text having low visibility for the audience, this further means that the audience are not presented with the full narrative which has been intended to be offered. Other changes tat I have made is that the image has been moved slightly in order to the tagline to be positioned accurately as intended which is reflected through flat plans.

Screenshot 5- 26th September

As you can see the development of my poster has nearly come to a finish, however I feel that it is necessary to see whether something present within the black spading on the left would make the poster more aesthetically pleasing. I have extracted the small attic door which is used in the third act of the film and edited this image to make it look decayed and faded out. I have positioned it in the lack spacing however at this point I am still contemplating whether to keep this here or whether the poster looks better without it being present.

Screenshot 6- 27th September


After showing and receiving feedback from my target audience I have decided to remove the small attic door image which was placed on the poster as my target audience’s response was that the black spacing added this sense of horror and absence to the promotion of the film. At this point the feedback that I have received by others was that I should move the release date of the film to the top of the poster. The reason behind this is to make the date more prominent on the page and to promote the fact that the film will be released on the third year anniversary of female A’s disappearance, the audience can recognize this by looking at the release date and then looking at the information of the narrative within the tagline.












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