ENTER Production stage 1

It is very conventional for a film website to have an enter page. This is why I thought I would include one. It also helps to portray the website to look better. I kept the font the same so it is compatible with my poster and it is clear they are advertising the same film, this is also so the reason why I have made the background black. I have added some claw marks as they connote this is a horror film and also relate to my trailer as one of the girls are being clawed away.

ENTER Production page 2

Too add more of a message that my film is of the horror genre, I added some blood platter which is also present in my trailer, as the captions have blood splatter on them too. Again, using the same themes throughout so people are able to verify these products are linking and are advertising the same thing.


WEBSITE Production page 1

Yet again, I had used black for the same reason in my poster. And done it for my website too, as throughout this production period I have kept focus on making all my products fit together. Therefore adding the title and same caption in my poster. I have set it out slightly differently than the poster. This is because I did not want it to be a complete replica as it is more entertaining to look at the variations than just the same thing but in different context. This will enhance the appeal of my promotion package.

WEBSITE Production page 2

Next I have added web links to other pages, this was so I could provide some more information about my film and also add appealing things such as downloads and soundtracks, this makes the film more fun as people are able to explore things about it. I have kept to the theme and yet again put the font the same style and put the button colors fading red and black, so all the colors are not block colors, making it more exciting to look at. I also added the blood splatter as it took up a lot of space on my poster therefore I felt it would be conventional to add it to my website also. I have incorporated my website onto it to promote this is a big deal and it has its own website logo. Also, again making it better to look at.

WEBSITE Production stage 3

The next stage of my website was to add icons to ‘become a fan’ this will add hype on social networking websites for my website. So if people start to like it, more people will begin to notice it, giving it publicity and also it is a good way to see if people are liking the film and actually talking about it. I added a ratings website so people could check out the feedback the film has already gotten, therefore helping them decide if they themselves want to go and see it and if the description of the ratings will appeal to their person preferences. I have yet again added the 18+ certificate restriction to attract horror lovers as the certificate is high it is certain that there is scary context within the film. Which is what a horror film lover would really like. It is also conventional. I have added in the Dolby Digital symbol to show that this is a professional film which is done with professional sound, therefore signifying it is of good quality. I also added the Warner Brother logo for the same reason too. It also complements my title as theory show how gory the film will be.

WEBSITE Production stage 4

I then added 5 stars to show that this film is of a high standard and since the power of ratings are so powerful I will have an advantage as people will automatically think that it is worth watching. I then added some barbed wire for a ‘shocking’ element as people will think this is a restricted film as the barber wire stands for no entry and there is also an 18+ sign as well, making it more appealing and tempting to watch. I added the trailer into the website as from my previous research I have seen it is conventional to do so. Also, it should be on there to access the trailer whenever the person wishes to do so, rather tan catch glimpses on television. I then added the release date to make my website more informative and to actually state when the film will be out as this is the whole purpose for the promotion package. I then added 5 stars to show that this film is of a high standard and since the power of ratings are so powerful I will have an advantage as people will automatically think that it is worth watching, also to just put it out there that this film is highly rated, as most people do not read the small print and bother to get this information, but I want them to have this information, therefore I have put it boldly too for the point to get across. I used a different layout than how my poster is set out, this is to make them both equally as exciting to look at rather than them being equally the same, but I have also used the same theme so the point of them being related comes across clearly, therefore slightly challenging my convention as most of them are exactly the same. I have also added a slightly different mage for the same reason.

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