Act 1

Location- New neighborhood.
A shot of the new location which the protagonist has moved to, to get away from the old and haunted house. Settles in the new house. Has neighbors come to welcome her to the neighborhood.

Act 2- In house


One neighbor tells history on the house and who use to live there, this news worries as the protagonist is told that the previous person to live here mysteriously disappeared.


Moments after she receives a note reading ”welcome to my neighborhood” . as its written in red she begins to feel that someone is stalking

Act 3

The girl then notices weird activities happening around the house that are properly controlled by someone else. She tried to escape from all exits from the house are locked. She then realizes that she is not alone in the house and tries to escape through the front door. Before reaching the door,she hears a knock at the door, so she opens the door only to be grabbed from behind. She is then tied to a chair and tries to escape only to be face to face with the killer himself. Another mysterious disappearance from the neighborhood.



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