Production Stages of Website

It is important to acknowledge every stage of production, as there are many changes which are incorporated in the production and therefore it is useful to understand why these changes have been made. As we are able to see, there have been a small amount of significant  changes incorporated within the finished product, the different stages allows us acknowledge critical developments made, and how the overall product was achieved. These different stages of the production of my film website have been shown below assisted by the reasons why some changes have made.

Website Homepage

Stage One

The first stage  as shown above is the first step of which was carried out for the production of my website. Through various textual analysis, it had been established that other than a visual background, the inclusion of very dark colour choice was incorporated within the poster. Therefore, as we are able to established, within the first stage the choice of background colour and the creation of the billing block, applying the conventional font of ‘Steel tongs’, and the application of institutional logos was presented and located at the bottom of the landscape page.

Stage Two

The next stage as established above, involved incorporating the film title on the website homepage. It had been an evident feature through textual analysis that the film title was usually located at the top of the page. Therefore in order to carry out this particular convention, I have also located the film title on the centre top of the homepage, in order for this feature to stand out, and grab the attention of the audience targeted.

Stage Three

Once the essential conventions have been incorporated on the homepage of the film website, features such as the navigation bar are incorporated. The use of various unique names have been used to portray a variety of navigation bars. Within this stage we are able to establish the overall layout taking place. The use of a blood red colour has been applied to suit the horror genre, and the consistent colour scheme ran throughout all three marketing products.

Stage Four

Now that the majority of the informational text has been included on the page, the next most important convention to apply is the inclusion of the trailer. As we can see within this particular production shot above, this has been carried out.

Stage Five

Within stage five, as we are able to see the full development of the layout was carried out. The large image of the house was incorporated as I thought the image was relevant to the film title and website, and therefore allows the audience to associate the image of the house with ‘Hell House’. Moreover, it is also important to acknowledge, through the software program Photoshop, the image has been manipulated using textures and lighting alterations to suit the genre of the film. The layout purposely consists of the large image and film trailer as these features are engaging and interactive conventions, of which have also been established through textual analysis.

Stage Six

Within stage six of the production of the final film website, as we are able to establish not many significant changes have been incorporated. Through the process of audience feedback, it was a common statement that the house does not look as scary. Therefore, within the homepage final look, not only have the lighting effects been altered, however, the image is now presented in a black and white scale embracing  a more conventional look developing towards the horror genre.

The Enter Page

Stage One

It had also been an established convention within textual analysis of previous film websites, that the inclusion of enter page is applied. Therefore, I have also produced a enter page. The inclusion of my enter page as we are able to see consists of a image, following the horror genre. The image has been manipulated through Photoshop, of which additional textures, and colour effect have been included.

Stage Two

The next stage of development whilst producing my film enter page, is to include an interactive icon of which allows the audience to click to enter to official homepage. This as shown above has been presented in the colour red, following a consistent colour scheme of which runs throughout all three products.

Stage Three

Although I was unable to create an interactive film video, relevant to the film. As we are able to see, I have included the tagline ‘Enter at your own risk’, of which has also been included on the film poster. This consistent feature, has been presented in a relevant choice of font, to portray the horror genre as well as fulfil consistent colour schemes developed.

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