Music for trailer and website

As i observed from my textual analysis’ of horror movies, the most consistent type of music in a horror movie is scary sound effects and echoing singing. I needed to find some music that represented the genre well so it would help re-enforce my horror theme.

I searched on youtube for music tracks, and also asked people about tracks that they know of that would be suitable to use for my trailer and website.


1. My mum recommended the track ”O’ Willow waly’ to me from the movie ‘The innocents’ because her mum used to sing it to her when she was younger. As my movie is based around a child, i thought that maybe a lullaby track would be fairly creepy.

Lullaby’s arent really associated with horror movies, but as i noticed when i watched the trailer to ‘Last house on the left’, they used a cover of the track ‘Sweet child of mine’ by guns and roses, and the binary opposition of a song with happy lyrics together with a distressing scene is almost haunting and add’s to the scary factor. The echo and the calmness of the voice account for a good deal of the creepy quality. It does sound just like a little girl singing to herself inside an empty summerhouse or such. And the tragic subject of the song is at such variance with the unemotional performance, it’s quite unsettling. As if the child knows far more than she ought to, and is keeping her feelings carefully hidden from view.

‘O’ Willow Waly

Music by Georges Auric
Lyrics by Paul Dehn
The Innocents – 1961
Directed by Jack Clayton

2. From my story board, I also wanted a scary whispering voices sound effect, which would portray the way that Edward Wheeler was hearing voices well, and also represent the fact that he has two personalities. I already had a whispering sound effect on my computer that i downloaded from youtube, i lost the link, but because its saved on my computer i can readily access it.

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