Production stage 1

I have started by making my background black. This adds convention because it I commonly seen in horror film posters, it has been present in the ones I have analyzed as black portraits darkness and a frightening elements to the poster. My title is red and bold. This is also conventional, not only in horror film posters but also in all promotion techniques. This is for the posters title to stand out so people remember what the name was. This has been made red as it is apart of my color scheme and it is also very conventional and common within the horror genre. Also, in my questionnaire i asked what color scheme would be best for a horror film genre promotion package and they picked the color scheme red and black to suit the package best. As this is my target demographic, their opinion is highly valid. And it is important to incorporate things they said they would like to see in a horror film promotion package because they are the ones who will be buying it therefore it ha to appeal to them. I chose this font as it is quite gruesome and bloody which matches what the context of my trailer will be. I also chose to name the film ‘Vengeance’ as my story line is about a little girl getting revenge on some teenagers as they ran her over. I also added a billing block and put it in grey. This is to make the title stand out even more, if this were red too then the title wouldn’t be as bold. It is also conventional for a billing block to be present and it makes the poster look much more professional.

Production stage 2

The next thing that I added to my poster was a tag line, this was to make my title more clear and give away more of the story as it clearly points out someone is out to seek revenge in this film, therefore writing ‘how far are you willing to go for payback’, aiding the viewer to figure out what the film could be about. I wrote this in a smaller font so it does not over power the title which should stand out the most. I also made it white to signify it is more important than the billing block, but not as important than the title and all the focus should go onto the title when looking at it. I added the website name in the same style as the tag line but smaller as it is less significant but I thought I would mildly challenge the conventions as the website address to go to for further information is not normally present on the film poster. I also decided to us the ’18’ restriction to attract horror lovers as the certificate is high it is certain that there is scary context within the film. Which is what a horror film lover would really like. It is also conventional. And so is writing the release date for the film, a poster is not just for advertisement, for it to be a really good poster it should be informative too. This is why I have decided to put the release date, I have included it in the bottom as that strip of my poster is the informative bit therefore it will be easier to spot. I have added in the Dolby Digital symbol to show that this is a professional film which is done with professional sound, therefore signifying it is of good quality. I also added the Warner Brother logo for the same reason too. It also complements my title as theory show how gory the film will be.

Production stage 3

I then added a unique selling point which says “From the directors of ‘The Ring’ and ‘TheGrudge'” , this was to boost the status of the film and to show that it was not done by an armature, as previous films have been made before. It is also a unique convention which are scarcely used but I believe are very effective. I also added some blood splatter which makes the poster look a bit more hectic instead of plain.



Production stage 4

I then added 5 stars to show that this film is of a high standard and since the power of ratings are so powerful I will have an advantage as people will automatically think that it is worth watching. I then added some barbed wire for a ‘shocking’ element as people will think this is a restricted film as the barber wire stands for no entry and there is also an 18+ sign as well, making it more appealing and tempting to watch. I also changed the top films from famous films to unknown films. This was because I had found out I was not allowed to write another film name which I obviously did not direct. So I therefore changed it to made-up names, still giving me the desired affect.

Production stage 5


The last thing to do to my poster was to add the image. I had positioned the image in the center as it is very common and I have seen it a lot within film posters and general posters on the whole, showing how conventional it is. I have taken a picture of my villain/ghost as in a horror or even an action film the villain or the main actor is the main image. As I thought making my actor the central image was boring I decided to use the villain, and I thought it would be frightening too. Therefore going with the second variation of the trailer. Showing the little girl who comes back to life to get her revenge on the people who had killed her.

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