Original Images

(It is important that all the images and footage I use is original because of issues with copyright and more obviously, the originality of my promotional package. I have therefore taken a variety of images to choose from.)


Images are very important and often determine the audience and how many members of the audience wish to see the film. They must therefore be attractive and conventional images in order for them to be appropriate for my chosen genre of Romantic Comedy. From my textual analysis, I knew it was conventional to show at least one of the main characters in the film and that it was also common to use the same image on both the poster and the website. My research gave me an insight and helped me determine a rough style which I wanted to pursue when I carried out my photography, however, I was not entirely sure of what my final image would look like. This is why I decided to take a variety of images and chose to use both my main female character and the main male character. I experimented with different camera shots, such as long shot and medium shot, as well as different camera angles. From doing this, I will be able to see which image worked well and also what will work well when I place all my other information on the page. As well as the main image of the character, I also took a landscape image when I visited New York, making it clear to the audience that this could be a possible setting for the film and many may realise that this is a conventional location for a Romantic Comedy. My original images are shown below:

Image One

Image Two

Image Three

Image Four

Image Five

Image Six

Image Seven (Landscape Image)

After taking all my images into consideration, I have decided to use Image Three and Image Five to experiment with and will see which one is most appropriate for my poster layout. Whichever image I choose, will be present on the website also. I decided on these two images as they are both conventional Romantic Comedy images and both convey obvious connotations of the genre. Image Three shows both characters and I like this image because of the position of the two characters. The costume is also very conventional and links strongly to the storyline of my film. Similarly Image Five would also be appropriate as it would appear to the audience that the two characters are linked or in a relationship with each other, which is also another convention of a Romantic Comedy.

(Now I have all of my images and have chosen two which I think have the most potential, I will begin the production of both my poster and website as these are the two print based pieces which I must create.)


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