3) Film Treatment

Film Treatment

I have decided to create a film trailer, poster and website for a thriller. In order to do this I have to treat the project like i would if I was making the whole film. I have to have a clear idea of the plot and characters involved, this is why I decided to produce a film treatment, to plan out all those things. I came up with the title “Love thy Neighbor”.

Whilst creating the treatment I looked at the different narrative theorists. Prop talks about characters, in a thriller characters can’t black and white. You can’t have a good vs evil, because it gets rid of the mystery. Trodorov talks about the 5 stages of narrative. I used his theory to create a narrative that is conventional to the genre.

Creating the character is a difficult process, and is very important according to Roland Barthes. I have taken care in creating the two main leads. Location is pretty simple in my idea, as most of the action is in one house, making something everything one has unreal and scary.

Mystery Treatment.

Act One.

Characters: David and his family, Scott and his family.

Location – House/Outside his house.

Beginning -David in a every day life, showing everything is normal. New neighbors arrive, Scott and his family. David sees them though his window.

Middle – David gets to no scott. And they become good friends.

End – Someone both david and scott no goes missing, and its all over the news.

Act two.

Beginning – David goes to a party with Scott and on the way home.

Middle – David gets hit by a car and gets “short term memory loss”. Forgets his day when he falls asleep uncontrollably.

End – David has to stay at home whilst parents are out, writing stuff down so he remembers.

Act Three.
Beginning – 2 months later, david has a routine, showing you a normal day for david.

Middle – David hears a scream one night, rushes to the window and checks it out, but nothing is there. Falls asleep and forgets about it.

End – David sees something weird in the Scots house, and keeps an eye on it all day, and before he goes to bed puts a camera on the house.

Act Four.

Beginning – David wakes up and has a normal day, not noticing the camera or remembering what happened last night. At night david notices something out side Scots house, a women screaming and pulls the camera and records it horrified. He quickly try’s to write stuff down but falls asleep.

Middle – David wakes up and looks around his room, he checks the pieces of paper, and only sees half a sentence. He see the camera and looks at the tape, He doesn’t believe it a thinks its a hoax, He shows it to scott and they joke about it.

End – David looks at a news paper and sees the women, who was on the video, has gone missing. He starts to panic and tell people what going on, but can’t find the video. He writes it down, everything he knows, and hopes he can remember it tomorrow.

Act Five.

Beginning – David wakes up, but doesn’t see the piece of paper with all the information, Scott (now knowing David knows he’s a killer) Goes to davids house and acts like everything is fine, They hang out until David finds the peace of paper and questions it, but sees its in his own hand writing. Whilst he is reading, scott goes behind him with a knife, looking like he is going to kill him.

Middle – David turns around and get knocked out, Scott pulls the body away. David wakes up ( Forgetting everything and acting normal) Sees scott and his parents looking at him like there disappointed, he also see the police. Scott got rid of all evidence that David had of him being the killer, and planted some saying David was the killer but david forgot.

End – David is dragged away buy the police and is taken to prison. Whilst in prison david keeps on forgetting why he is in there. In the last seen in the movie, David realizes he got set up somehow?

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