2) Genre Research

Genre Research

We coming up with a idea for a film, the best place to start is with genre. The target audience of a film should no straight away what the genre is though Mes-en- scene, sound dialogue etc. There are many different genre’s in the film industry, I went though a few and came up with different ideas and filled in what I could.

Genres Textual Analysis Locations Idea Tag Line
Gangster Departed, Rd to Perdition, Abandoned warehouse, House, Dodgy Streets. Guy double crosses on a deal, get hunted down. He’s set up. Don’t mess with the wrong people.
Mystery/Triller. Bourne Identity, Disturbia, The Ghost Writer. House Man can’t remember stuff and sees a killing, but forgets How can you prove something you don’t remember seeing.
Sport Whip it,
Sc Fi
Comedy HTTM, Pineapple Express, Rd Trip Anywhere Annoying stoners go on a adventure, but realize there lame, and become better people. You will never guess what happens next.
Horror Scream, Strangers, Halloween Scary Forests/Abandon house. Teenagers have a party and get picked off one at a time, the killer is there friend, who is he? Knock at the door you go answer it, strange noise out side you go check, This is what gets you killed.
Musical OMWF, DHVB, HSM. Anywhere. Everyday people are stuck in a world were there inmost thought are expressed though a musical number. Don’t just think it, sing it.
Crime Inception, Italian Job, Revisor dogs. Abandoned warehouse, House. 2 groups, High class and thugs are trying to steal a hidden diamond, which is owned by the big man, he has his best hit man keeping an eye on it. Never trust hired help.
Grind-House. Machete  Death Proof, Planet Terror.

Taking my research into consideration, I first picked Comedy, more like Teen comedy. Teen comedy is normally either about sex or drugs, and uses a very conventual narrative. I picked this genre A) because I have watched a lot of these types of films B) The actors I am using are around this age, and props, locations are all easy to access. I then realized comedy takes a lot of skill in the writing and the acting, and thats not really what the task is about.

My second choice was the thriller genre, thrillers normally involves suspense, excitement and mystery. All these permitters can be done with clever but simple cinematography and narrative plots and themes. A thriller trailer are some of the best, this is because there is a lot of mysteries and suspense in the trailer, which makes the audience want to see the film.

Useful Websites.

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