Internet Research

In the age of Internet, Hollywood uses the virtual world as one of their major promotional techniques due to its power to reach millions across the globe. There are websites showing short trailers of the film along with rushes from the film. Moreover, there are user generated content and blogs.” – 

This tells me that I should be making a website including the trailer as it is an effective form of advertisment that is used by the big companies in Hollywood.

Let The Audience See What The Rest Of The Cast Cannot

A well-used, but effective, technique that is used in a number of genres is the one in which only the audience and the subject (who will be referred to as the ‘killer’) know what’s going on but the rest of the cast aren’t. In pantomime, for example, we’re all familiar with it being used as in when the audience screams “he’s behind you.” Therefore, shots of the subject sneaking up on their victim who’s oblivious to the situation often make for scary, intense drama. This is achieved to greatest effect by filming over the shoulder of the killer.

The Killer’s Eye View

Probably the best example of this can be seen in the DVDs of Jaws where the audience can see a shot of the swimmer’s legs from underneath the surface of the water paddling like crazy. This brilliantly shot and very tense scene shows us Jaws’ (the shark’s) perspective of the swimmer.

Using Mirrors

Another useful technique adopted in thrillers and horror movies is the use of mirrors where you’ll see the victim calmly and rationally entering a room and then the scene will cut to a mirror in the room in which you’ll see the reflection of the killer, leaving you in no doubt that he’s in the same room as the victim, who’s oblivious to the fact, at the same time.

The Back Of The Head Shot

Shooting a scene where the camera gets as close in to the back of the killer’s head as possible is a very effective technique used in many scary DVDs to hint at the menace that is going on in the killer’s mind.”

This has given me more of an idea of shots that I could do in my trailer to really grip the audience and draw them into the film.


While researching the different US age ratings, I came across this image explaining what each rating means and when it is appropriate to use them. From looking at this I have determined that I will make my film Restricted to maximise the people that will see the film without compromising the violent and gore conventions that are expected of a film of the zombie horror genre.

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