Location Research

Location One: The Church, Wistow.

This is the location to which, in the first act, the young boy is walking down the road. In between the on-screen text displays (“It took them all by surprise…” and “…but it would define them forever”) the boy will be shown with his school bags and uniform walking home in the winter darkness. There are two reasons I chose this location;

  1. It is a creepy location, especially at night, because lighting is restricted and there are plenty of dark alleys nearby. It is in the most remote region of Wistow and is near pure countryside which goes on for miles; the feeling of being enclosed was important but I wanted to oppose the horror convention of tight spaces and claustrophobic fears and replace them with vast areas which are equally threatening to the characters because there is nobody to the help them. The roads are narrow and damaged, creating a feeling that they are way beyond repair and almost ignored by society; the way that the characters will be later on in the plot, I wanted to foreshadow this.
  2. The ‘monster’ is a Psychotic patient who generally believes, because of his condition, that he is the religious entity, ‘Death’. For this reason I believe it is a case of dramatic irony when the young boy (representing good) is killed/kidnapped from below a church (good) by an (evil) man who is obsessed with ‘Death’, an enemy of the Christian Church. I will be sure to direct my shots so, while the foreground is shocking and an act of evil, the church will be looming over the act suggesting that, at some point during the film, good (represented by the church) will win.

Location Two: Phone Box, Fleckney.

This location will be used when the main character is trying to get help via the phone before he is trapped inside by the monster. I chose the place of capture to be a phone box because it is fundamentally British, which is where the film is set, while the size of the interior will provoke fear because the public, stereotypically do not like confined spaces.

I will film the long-shots of the box from behind because, as you can see here, the surrounding area is far from scenic. One of the recurring themes running through my film will be how a beautiful countryside area can become one of fear and danger overnight. I took inspiration from the recent real life events in Rothbury during the Raul Moat saga. The entire town, simular to Fleckney, were on guard and found themselves in the public eye. This is something I wanted to latch onto.

Location Three: Byron Garage (run down).

I chose this location to be the monster’s ‘dungeon’ because it is remote on the outskirts on the town, while the interior shots of the building are chillingly baron. This is the sort of location a man on the run would chose to use as his hide out and that was one of the deciding factors. Also the fact that it is made entirely of wood just added another dimension for me because wood connotes age and a threat of fire; all of which would alarm anyone who would be kept captive there. When filming I will aim to keep the shots as narrow as possible because I do not want to exterior surrounding buildings to be visible on shot. This building will hopefully appear like it is in the middle of nowhere.

I will have no day shoots on the premises because one of the selling factors of this location was how creepy it appeared under the night sky. This is ofcourse mean that heavily lighting will have to be planned because of the lack of natural light from outside and electrical light from lamp posts and interior bulbs.

As you can see in the image there are many beams and wooden pillars which means I will have to check the safety of the structure before the shoot. I have already done this but when the shoot arrives any number of factors could have changed due to rain or public damage. The shoot wont last long on this location because I do not want to lose too much intrigue and if a lot of detail about the monsters ‘lair’ is revealed then it will. Props for this area will also be minimal; rope (to tie the victim) and a weapon (most likely a knife or sword). However, on the walls, I plan to have pictures of ‘Death’s’ family, some young children, that will add an unlikely humidity to him. This also adds an extra amount of fear however because people will do anything for their children.

Location Four: The Dead End, Fleckney.

This location will be used when, after a chase, the killer catches up with the victim who is trapped by the barbed wire fence. Many people acociate barbed wire with jail and I wanted the viewer to be aware of the fact that he is trapped to such an extent that it would be as hard to escape as it would be to flee prison. I also picked this location becuase of the enlcosed space around it which has numerous trees and overgrown plants meaning very little light breaks through. Darkness will be a recurring theme in the scenes where ‘Death’ is featured. This is because I want him to be accioated with evil. In the filming I will aim to make the scenes involving the ‘hero’s’ brighter. The chase scene which leads to this location will take place on the field, right.

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