The brief was to produce a promotion package for a film of a genre of my choice. Social realism, horror, and comedy were recommended. I had to include two of the three:

-A teaser trailer

-A poster

-A film magazine front cover, featuring the film

I have decided on a teaser trailer and a poster, and to create a promotional package for a movie in the horror genre. I chose these as I have not created these in media before, and can learn from this experience, furthering my skills in Photoshop. In preparing to create these, I will research the product and the genre I will analyse existing teaser trailers and posters, to get an idea of what is conventional and successful, so that I might use it in my own work. I will only analyse promotional packages that are appropriate to my target audience of an eighteen, and in the horror genre. I will then use questionnaires and a focus group to find out what appeals to my target audience.

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