Focus Group

Focus group
Today I will be interviewing James, Tom and Alice in a focus group to help me in the production of my teaser trailer.
Would you like there to be some funny outtakes from the movie to be in the teaser trailer?
James: yes, when I see funny outtakes in movie trailers it makes me want to go see the actual movie when it comes out.
Alice: I agree with James I love funny movies so seeing humorous bits from the movie usually makes me want to go watch it in the cinema… or buy it when it comes out on DVD.
Tom: Funny outtakes are always a good part of a movie trailer.
What mood would you like the teaser trailer to be, for example upbeat, a bit down or fast paced etc.
Alice: well that’s all depend on the movie. For the movie you are producing I would like and expect it to be an upbeat quirky trailer, although I wouldn’t mind if there were a few serious parts of the film involved.
Tom: I disagree with Alice, I would rather the more serious and deep nature of the film was shown in the teaser trailer.
James: …and I disagree with Tom. I just like the idea of watching a movie trailer that portrays the film. That said, the majority of the time I watch eccentric comedies and upbeat movies so a fun trailer is right up my street.
Do you like alot of the narrative to be given away in the trailer?
James: hmmm, Yes and no. I like to be able to get a brief glimpse of the story line without knowing too much about it. That way i am able to make an informed decision whether to go see the film or not.
Alice: I completely agree with James: I like bits of the story line to be revealed through the trailer.
Tom: It’s not a major issue for me, I find it doesn’t matter how much of the narrative is revealed as my philosophy is if the film looks good I’ll go and see it, if not I won’t, this is not affected by how much of the story line is revealed through the trailer.
Do you like teaser trailers to have a voiceover in the background?
Tom: Sometimes but not usually, I like voiceovers in comedy trailer but dislike them in most other films genre’s trailers.
James: I agree with tom.
Alice: me too.

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