Production schedule

A production schedule is going to help me keep on track and organized when it comes to creating my website, Poster and also filming my trailer and editing it.

I will list down a schedule for each step of my creating process, and aim to stick to it so i can get everything completed for the deadline of November 11th. I have also taken into consideration the dates when my actors are available, when i can use certain props, and the best days for lighting and giving myself time to edit my trailer.

I am going on holiday early october, and i aim to film some of my trailer whilst i am away to help me keep to my schedule and also use some more extravagant locations to add to the mise-en-scene and atmosphere.



Tuesday 28th –

(Already completed) – Take photo’s of my sister (Abigail) for my website and edit it on photoshop referring back to my questionnaire results and textual analysis for inspiration

Wednesday 29th –

Begin to Create website on photoshop including edited image i took, and using inspiration from my flat plan and textual analysis’.

Upload website progress onto wordpress

Thursday 30th –

Take photo’s of my dad (Edward Wheeler) for my Poster using inspiration from my research and questionnaire results. Edit the photo on photoshop afterwards.

Upload photograph onto word press.

Begin creating my poster using ideas from my flat plan, and research, including my edited photo of my dad)

Post Poster progress onto wordpress


1st October –

Ask Teacher about how i can improve on my poster and website and Upload improvements and tweaks onto word press.

Prepare Props and organize timings and transport with actors for my trailer for the following day.

2nd october –

Begin filming my trailer using my shot list and story board to help me shoot my scene’s.

I have already spoken to my dad about when he is free, and as he is busy on this day, i will be filming the shots of the props in my movie from my storyboard. From my storyboard i will be shooting non-actor scenes: 1, 7,9 and 11.

4th october-

Gather up props and costumes ready for filming my actors scenes

5th october –

I will film shot 5 at disneyland paris, of the Haunted house ride. The weather is unpredictable, but im hoping it will be raining to add to the atmosphere.

7th October – 20th october

I have arranged these dates with my dad and he is available to film the rest of the scene’s from my storyboard

24th october – 31st october –

I will spend this time editing my trailer together using the information from my planning and research. I will use selected music and editing techniques.


1-st -9th november

I will use this time to ask my teachers and go back to my focus group to see if there are any improvements i can make to my promotional package before the deadline to make my package as best as it can be.

9th november –

Post up my Final Poster, Website and trailer onto wordpress before the deadline so i have 2 days to make any final changes and tweaks

– After – Begin Evaluation

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