Photograph for website

I wanted to take a photo of ‘Abigail’ for my website. The identity of abigail is being kept secret throughout my trailer, so i didnt want a full faced photo of her for my website either.

I used my sister Holly as the model, as she also plays Abigail in my trailer for consistancy. I used glue and string to put on her mouth to appear like it has been bound together, suggestivly by Edward Wheeler (The murderous father).

I wanted the image to be dark, and represent the horror genre well with use of blood colours, torture things such as the bound mouth, and also lots of dirt and cuts.

I took the photo with my canon SLR and edited the image on photoshop. I added a grunge texture i found on google over the top to create a dirty texture. I also used a high pass filter to make the image sharp, and experimented with changing the curves, levels and hue’s until i got the look i was going for.

I kept in mind my questionnaire answer, in which the audience liked the colour theme of Blue, red, black and white, so i kept the image very colourless and just had hints of those four colors. I also kept in mind some of the imagery from my textual analysis’. I tried to make it look similar to the SAW photo’s, with very little hue’s and colour, and lots of grunge texture and a dirty look.

Texture from google

Original Image

Original Image

FINAL edited photograph for website

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