Original Images – Poster & Website

To take my original images I used a Nikon D50 camera to ensure that I got a clear, well balanced out image which could be easily edited. After playing around with the settings I found that the best setting to use was “Auto” as the flash would automatically be on the right setting for the lighting of the time of day that we were using. The lighting that we were currently using when taking the images was dark and therefore the flash on the camera automatically went to one of the higher settings. I was worried that this may ruin the effect of the images being taken in the dark which would connote danger, however it adds to the intensity on the character as the flash makes the character appear to be on the spotlight.

I used the zoom on the camera depending on the type of shot that I wanted to use. When taking the image I had to be careful about the amount of zoom that I was using as I needed to make sure that when the image was placed onto the promotional feature (either the poster or website) that there would be enough space for the text to be placed around it. Therefore I took many different shots so that after the image had been taken I could play around with them to see which image would appear to be the best on the promotional feature.

When editing my original images I used the software “Picasa” so that I could change small features such as the lighting, saturation or brightness of an image and in some cases I could crop an image.

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