The Brief.

This task requires me to produce the advertisement campaign for ‘The Angel of Death’, a movie which I will be producing over the coming months.

The bulk of the project will go into the production of an teaser trailer for the movie while I will be required to make supplementary advert items to compliment it. They include;

  • A Poster
  • A website

I believe that undergoing this process will be a troublesome and challenging experience but, ultimately, a rewarding one. To reach a point where I feel confident in my ability and expertise to fulfil the task, I will need to carry out extensive research into the field while also developing an in-depth planning routine which will give me to organisation skills needed to rise to such a challenge.

This research will be posted in numerous sections and (at this point) I plan for it to follow a similar pattern to below;

  • The Horror genre: an inside look.
  • Diary (to be updated throughout)
  • Equipment inventory
  • Initial Ideas
  • Film Treatment
  • Textual Analysis (for three films)
  • Market Research (inc questionnaires, online polls, focus groups and emails)
  • Essential Film Factors (a look into direction, production and advertisement skills)
  • Storyboard
  • Shot lists
  • Poster flat-plans
  • Trailer Script
  • Production Schedule
  • Trailer Shoot
  • Poster Photography Shoot
  • Trailer Production
  • Final Trailer Finalised
  • Final Poster Finalised
  • Final Website Finalised

Some of these pages will be required but I have decided to add some additional posts such as ‘The Horror Genre’ and ‘Essential Film Factors’ because I felt the need to add to my knowledge of the trade and also believed that they would be a vital part of the preparation stages.

These stages, I am sure will add to my ability and know-how and will, hopefully, result in an effective project being completed to high standards.

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