Shooting Schedule.

Red box on the 9th of November indicates a failed shoot when files failed to capture onto Final Cut Pro.

For my filming I have made this diary to adhere to throughout the month of Novemeber. I plan to have everything filmed by the 30th at the latest but am aiming towards a 22nd finishing date. Three filming days have been booked for the month, I have planned this with the people who intend to star in my trailer, and I believe this will be enough to get the shots I require.

The first shoot scheduled for the 10th, will be based in the Fleckney fields. In this shoot I hope to film the following shots;

  • Exterior shots of the house
  • Country road chase scenes
  • Masked man’s window appearance.

I did, as a matter of fact, achieve all of these shots but due to a technical error I was unable to use the shots I had filmed. I filmed onto a mini DVD but this format seemed to be incompatable with the Final Cut software. After numerous attempts to convert the file, I eventually did but the images had been ruined. I opted to add an extra date (the 22nd) to my schedule.

I plan on filming the second shoot in the Oadby woods on the 17th as this was the dryest day forecast that week. Additionally all actors were free for this date only so it was more out of necessity than choice. I hope to obtain the following shots;

  • Interior shots of Darren eating breakfast
  • External shots of both buildings

I was keen not to let the previous disruption effect my schedule and this carried on as I would have done regardless. I had pinpointed the 22nd as the replacement shoot day.

On the third day of filming I plan to film some shots in and around the Fleckney village. This will be my opportunity to get some fantastically  creepy shots of the old village, the contry lanes and the murky alleyways. I plan to film;

  • Exterior shots of chase scenes
  • Church scenes

In fact I was able to finish my filming on this day while also switching a location at the last minute. Instead of using the Fleckney church for the Timothy scene, I went to Wistow’s church instead because I felt it was far superior in setting a scene, while some of the scenery in the surrounding area was spellbinding due to the snowfall. It was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

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