Audience Feedback

I discoverd that the majority of the people I was questioning were male so I had to take this into account; the views I was obtaining could be tainted by stereotypically masculine opinions. Additionally the main bulk of people who I quizzed were between 16-20 years of age also meaning a lack of maturity and experience in horror knoweledge could materialise.

I wanted to know the one factor people looked for in new horror movies and I discovered that my sample group prefered ‘slow burning sub-plots’ which surprised me somewhat. I was expecting them to suggest that ‘thrills’ meant most but infact thay opinion recieved the fewest votes. ‘Effects’ and ‘storyline’ came in joint second meaning I should not completly abolish any idea of using these on an extensive level just yet.

I then wanted to establish what they believe a good trailer much include. They replied that extensive ‘plot details’ being ‘exposed’ was most important to them suggest that they prefer to know what they are signing up for if they are to commit their hard earned money on a movie. ‘Snappy edited’ came in second, another surprise, meaning a well put together trailer should go down well amongst my target audience. ‘Music’ and ‘voice overs’ came in joint bottom which is surprising because I personally believe if a trailer has an effective soundtrack, the quality is improved ten-fold.

I was keen to know which task I should devout the most amount of time on during the production stages so asked the audience which product they see as the most important. The trailer gained a comprehensive victory, predictably, meaning that I should make sure I execute its production to the letter. The poster is seen as the second most influention, which is understandable considering the amount of them that are around the place in shops, street corners and bus stops. Website followed in third place and magazine came in last. This abolished any thoughts of producing a magazine from my mind.

The next question was ‘what makes a good poster?’ This was, like before, important to help me understand what factors my target audience require on a poster for it to influence them. If I know this than I will be able to tap into this and hopefully draw them in. The ‘main image’ got an overwelming majority of the vote meaning I should take extra care and thought when taking and editing my image to the site.

I then asked the same question again, this time involvong the website however. ‘Media’, such as a video player, came out on top suggesting this should be the focal point of my site. Images came a close second meaning I shouldn’t completly ignore them during the designing months.

I wanted to know what colour scheme to go for, I already had something in mind, and I thought the audience would be able to help me. Their top choice was ‘black/red’ because they have become accustomed to it over the years. I am keen to use ‘white/red’ however and with it coming in second place, I could potentially go with it. I after all have been told that I should challenge some conventions through this process and this is a big one to alter but I believe it could work.

This information will undoubedly prove invaluable during the coming weeks and months as I look for inspiration for my three tasks. By knowing what the audience want from me, I will be able to know what features to include and which ones to igniore. For example I know cheap ‘thrill’s do little to appeal to viewers in trailers and they’d rather recieve a snippet of plot.

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