Initial Ideas.


This will be important in informing the audience who they are meant to relate to. A character dressed in stylish clothes will be a cool icon while somebody dressed normally will be more relatable. The villians costume will be essential in the mise-en-scene of my trailer and ancillary tasks and I will need to get it right. I need to decide whether to use makeup to make them seem grusome or obscure their face to use ‘the fear of the unknown’, xenophopia.


The places in which you film can hold a significant bearing of the represenation used in your film. I am keen for for my trailer to be distinct and easy to tell which genre it is based on the locations I use. I will need to think carefully about where I shoot and the influence it has on the final product. For example if I film in an adandoned alley way, it will conote danger and a sense of enclosement, making it clear it is a horror movie. If you were to film on a space ship however it will be obvious that the genre is science fiction.

Roman Bathes’ theory of narritive code could be called into question because the audience will be making conseptions about the movie baded on stereotypical opinions based on the location. I will have to scour the surrounding area of my house to find some places which reek mise-en-scene while also being pratical locations to shoot.


It is vital that my story grips the audience early on. I will need to leak a significant amount of information about Todorov’s theory of their being an equilibrium before it is interupted. I will also need to establish a target audience to whom I will aim my product towards. For a horror movie it is usually 16-40 year old, predominatly males who watch films in this genre. I will need to include factors that will influence these people into buying a cinema ticket to watch this film.


The music I will use in my trailer will be essential in setting the scene and a sense of narrative. If it is loud and ostentatious than odds will be favourable towards it being a action movie. Quirky music will be more common among romantic comedies while sinsister, slow burning tunes will be more likely to appear in horror movies.

I could use a voice over also to inform the viewers of more information than the characters will be privy to. This use of non-diagetic sound can be effective in the use of ironic irony. This is fairy conventional techneque and will surely be worth consideration.


I will need to establish the good and bad characters early on as horror films have very simple structures in this instance. Two famous theorists discuss the use of characterisation in films with Propp argueing that there are seven types of character in films of this sort. I will definatly be able to use the villian, the hero, the dispatcher and the donor in my movie.

Its important for the audience to relate to the leading character as they must fear for his survival in order for the frights to have an impact. If the viewer holds no regard for the major character then they will not appreciate the scares and themes that are designed to frighten them.


I have an idea for my lighting; I plan to have a juxtaposing use of black and white throughout my film which will conote good and evil throughout. How I execute this is still up for deliberation but I plan on using this motif throughout the trailer, poster and website. Lighting is important in both setting a scene and the atmostphere; a misty road will mean the scene will be a sinister or scary one.


The structure of my storyline will need to be concise as it is the single factor that makes a series of events, a plot. The seqeuence of events that make up the narrative are important and I will need to think it through when I conjure up a ‘film treatment’. Todorov, a media theorist, suggested that that the story should follow the pattern of equilibrium, threat to equilibrium, new equilibrium. It would be foolish to include the new equilibrium in the trailer because the viewers will then know how the plot will end.

With the film industry being one of the most competetive markets in the world, I will need to make sure that my narrative is both unique and eye-catching to make it stand out from the vast crowd of horror movies released every month.


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