Early september: completed ‘inside look’ on horror genre, equipment inventory. EARLY

This was the first ‘bulk’ of tasks I completed and it was aimed to slowly introduce me to the task and, personally, for me to get to grips with what was required.

15/08/2010: Two textual analysis pieces completed. EARLY

I was working ahead of schedule at this stage and produced my textual analsis work in matching to styles to the products I was studying. A magazine review of the posters, a blog entry for the website and a movie about the trailer.

17/09/2010: Final textual analysis piece completed. EARLY

Half a month before schedule, this process had been completed. This allowed me more time to exetute more tasks.

21/09/2010: Initial Ideas completed. ON TIME

This page allowed me to look forward at the designing process and predict my decisions.

27/09/2010: Market research, storyboard, shotlist completed. ON TIME

These section signalled the arrival of some serious planning for the promotional campaign; finding out what was required, planning my trailers structure and thinking about the shots.

01/09/2010: Poster/website flat plans, trailer script and production schedule completed. EARLY

This was purhaps the most important bulk of work as it was refered back to on regular occasions. The flat plans were my basis which I used throughout by designing, the script was obviously of huge significance while the production schedule given me some order.

27/10/2010: Website fully completed and poster partially completed (poster lacking fore front image).

Completing this work early allowed me to progress on other tasks for the next few weeks.

04/11/2010: STVENS.CO logo produced. OPTIONAL

This was not a required feature of the planning but I decided to design my own logo for fun.

10/11/2010: Origional shoot starts, unsucessfully.

Filmed with the wrong camera resulting in an urgent need to re-shoot.

17/11/2010: Second shoot.

In Oadby

20/11/2010: Third and final shoot.

In Fleckney.

22/11/2010: Three drafts handed in for marking  2 DAYS LATE

26/11/2010: Timed evaluation. ON TIME

14/11/2010: Hand in date. ON TIME

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