August 22nd 2010: I began my planning for my production by writing out the treatment for my film so that I would have some idea of the direction that my film and therefore my products.

August 23rd 2010: I started my analysis of pre-existing promotional packages by conducting a textual analysis of the 28 Days Later, Carriers and Dawn of the Dead websites and posters

August 25th 2010: I uploaded my textual analyses of the 28 Days Later, Carriers and Dawn of the Dead websites and posters and began the video analysis’s of the trailers.

August 26th 2010: I created my online questionnaire for audience research so that I could find out about who my target market is and what they like.

August 28th 2010: I finished my analysis of the 3 different trailers and updated the posts I made earlier with the videos.

August 29th 2010: I received all the required data from the online questionnaire and was able to compile all the data into a simplified format and analyse the results. I also conducted my focus group with 4 people so I could get more in-depth answers than were given on the questionnaire.

September 7th 2010: I posted my questionnaire on the IMDB forums in hope of receiving some more detailed answers.

September 12th 2010: I received only 2 responses in 5 days for my IMDB so I took that as a sign that I wouldn’t get many more responses, so I analysed the two responses that I had. Also I began my location research by taking photos of areas I could potentially conduct some of the filming and photography for my final product.

September 18th 2010: I began research into characters and props that I might be able to use for my final product. Also I began my summary of the textual analyses and audience research.

September 25th 2010: As a part of my planning I produced a resource list of everything I will need to use to create my final product.

September 26th 2010: I scanned in and uploaded my spider diagram for my initial ideas of what my film genre would be.

September 28th: I began my internet secondary research so that I could find out conventions and ideas to make my film trailer look professional

October 2nd: I uploaded the internet research that I conducted. I also uploaded the flatplans for my website posters.

October 6th: I completed the storyboard for my teaser trailer and then uploaded  it to Word press along with the ideas for my poster and website as well as the font moodboard.

October 8th: I started to design the poster that would be used to advertise the film using a cartoon of what the image that would be used so that I could arrange the text.

October 9th: I began to design and develop the website and the website entry page in the image of the poster so that there was some form of house style between the two.

October 10th: I finally completed the website, website entry page and the poster using the same fonts and actal images that I took with my digital camera and uploaded on to WordPress.

October 12th: I started filming the scenes from my story board that I would edit together to create the teaser trailer

November 4th: I began uploading the footage from the camera onto the Apple Mac at college and editing it on Final Cut Pro.

November 14th: I completed the first draft of my film trailer and uploaded it to YouTube before embedding the video into a WordPress post.

November 15th: I went to New York on a graphics trip where I could film some establishing shots for the trailer

November 25th: I uploaded the footage I had taken in New York to the Apple Mac and began to impliment it into the trailer via Final Cut Pro.

December 3rd: After much editing of the whole trailer I produced my final version of the trailer with a whole new sound track.

December 8th: I finished the written a draft plan of my evaluation

December 9th: I recorded all the audio for the creative version of my evaluation

December 10th: I began to incorporate the audio with  visual aids on Final Cut

December 11: I finished the creative version of my evaluation and uploaded it on to Youtube.

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