This is the script for my trailer.

Shot one: Rich: damn cam corder won’t work, piece of crap won’t even turn o-…wait its on

Shot 2: Rich: this is my girlfriend georgia

Shot 3: Rich: she thinks there’s somebody in the house, so we’ve bought a camera to find out

Shot 4: Georgia: you believe me, dont you?”

Shot 5: Rich: door locked

Shot 6: Rich: alarms on

Shot 7: Rich: windows locked

Shot 8: Rich: if anythings in the house, the alarm will go off

Shot 10: Georgia: what was that? did you hear that?

Shot 11: Georgia: rich i’m so scared, what was that

Shot 12: , Georgia: oh my god, oh my godd

shot 13: rich: what the fuck, what the hell, this cant be real

Shot 17: Georgia: *screams*

Shot 19: rich: this woman

shot 20: rich: same things happened to her

shot 21: georgia: rich, shes dead..

shot 23: rich: it looks like somethings slashed you

shot 24: georgia: turn the fuckin camera off rich

shot 32: Georgia : *loud scream*

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