Production Schedule

In order for my the production my trailer to run efficiently and as smoothly as possible it is important that I plan every small detail of props, characters and location to the best of my ability.  This will further reduce the time spent on preparing for each scene shot and maximize time tie for the actual recording of the trailer. In order for me to work in this efficient manner I have produced a ‘production schedule’, which clearly states each shot of trailer and the necessary camera movements, characters etc. that will be needed for each shot. Due to the limited time that I have to use recording equipment it is necessary for me to shoot all types of shots at the same time so that I do not have to keep moving the equipment around.  In the table below you will see that I have organized the information so that on set I am at ease with reading this information as it is presented in a personal manner that I feel comfortable with reading and interpreting quickly.  You will also be able to see that the only scene that both characters of my trailer will bed needed is in the very first act in the woods/forest. Due to arranging and scheduling each and every shot I have identified that in other scenes I will not need both characters present at all times, this is beneficial to me as it means that the recording time that I have is much more flexible to the actresses that I have within my trailer.

I have presented this schedule on a word document as I feel that it will be easier for me to interpret, in comparison to showing this information using different forms of technology that will be difficult to access whilst on set recording.


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