Production Schedule

Day 1

Date : October


Shot 1 : long shot of the 5 boys  walking towards the forest

Shot 2 : medium shot of all 5 boys in the forest

shot 3 : close up of Jacob

shot 4 : Long shot of  TJ

shot 6 : medium shot of Jacob

Location : Field & Forest Knighten park

Characters: Abdi , Jacob , Ebby , TJ , Muhammed

Props: Bags

Equipment Needed : Camera , Lighting

Day 2

Date : october

Shots :

shot 9 : point of view shot of muhammed and Abdi

shot 10: long shot of Ebby

Location: Forest

Characters: Abdi , Muhammed , Ebby

Props : mask and Knife

Equipment : camera , lighting

Day 3

start of November

re filmed parts of my film which did not succeed the first time when filming

re film the equilibrium – when the 5 boys enter the location

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