planning schedule

Planning schedule.

Location: Village setting, a few houses.

  • Establishing shot of area
  • Long shots of street and park – 4 shots each.
  • Daytime setting.
  • Public going about their own business nothing out of the ordinary.

Location: Outside one isolated house.

  • Long shot of character 1 dressed in costume outside house.
  • Night time/evening (dark setting)
  • Perhaps holding a weapon.

Location: Alley way leading to park.

  • Long shot of character 1 walking towards camera in character costume.
  • Dark street setting. (may be street lamps) outdoor.

Location: House living room. Anytime.

  • Mid shot of shadows against the wall so light would have to be on.
  • Character 1 strangling character 2 from behind with a object of some sort (clearly visible)
  • Two males.

Location: Empty field.

  • Dark setting. (night or evening)
  • Character 3 (female) running through crying.
  • Close up onto face of character to show emotion.
  • Doesn’t show what or who she is running from.
  • Surrounded by darkness.

Location: Empty field.

  • No visible characters.
  • Females scream. Significant in this shot.
  • Landscape shot of empty field. Curiosity audience don’t know where the scream came from.
  • Night setting very dark

Location: Wooden shed.

  • Tools lying around in shed such as hammer, axes and knifes. Things that can cause damage.
  • Character 4 (young female) sitting crouched on floor looks possessed
  • Light if possible
  • Blood everywhere in shed and over character.
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