nightmare on elms street website

The main focus on this website page is the same image that is used the movies promotional poster. The hat he is wearing slightly covers his face hiding his eyes. This highlights the idea of people fearing what they cant see which is a subject touched on in a lot if horror movies. It also gives the website a sense of mystery which ties in with the theme of horror. The character doesn’t want us to be able to clearly identify him, making the audience curious to know who it is. The skin of the character portrays the idea of a monster as it is gruesome looking. The jumper the character is wearing has hole in it showing he doesn’t care about his appearance or himself. The claw on his hand connotes danger and torture in the ways it could be used such as for death, a common theme in horror. This character portrays a typical villain image in horror movies as the fact he is dominant on the web page and poster shows he could be the same in the movie and has power over others because his weapon causes a threat. This image is appropriate to attract a horror audience in as the claws and the discreteness of the character represent elements of horror.

The movie title “A nightmare on Elms Street” is written in a bright red text which contrasts well against the dull and dark background. The red connotes blood which connotes murder, death and torture, common themes in horror movies. The fact the word nightmare is used suggests to the audience what could be involved in the movie. Towards the bottom of the page in the middle it says “welcome to your new nightmare” for this bright red font is also used which contrasts well and connotes blood. It is obvious to the audience that this movie has been made to scare them which includes them in it by using the words “your” and “new nightmare.” Nightmare shows a sense of fear which relates to the movie and is a negative thing to happen, this makes it useful for a horror movie and helps it to fit in with the theme.

On the bottom left hand side of the page there are links to Twitter, Facebook and Myspace this shows the movie has been marketed well and has other forms of getting their particular audience to know about this movie. They have used social networking websites as different people all over will be on there and will have a variety of tastes in movies, even an audience who wouldn’t normally choose to watch a horror movie would know about it. So this could attract a new audience to want to go and watch this movie. These links have been used to catch the audiences attention in other ways which would suit them.

At the top of the page there are links to the other pages on this website such as “photos, downloads, fankit and movie trailer” this shows the website has tried to put out as much teasers and information as possible to attract the audiences attention even more. This is also promotion which wouldn’t be found anywhere else other than the movie website as it is exclusively just for the movie. These are extra things for the audience to decide weather they are interested in looking at to make them even more drawn to the movie.

The website music creates tension and sets a tone for the movie which the audience could relate to. The spooky music enhances the idea of it being a horror movie and ties in well. The childs chant makes the whole idea even more spooky and eerie, it is seen as unusual to involve children in a horror movie as children wouldn’t be able to watch them but it is common for horror movies to use children, to make the whole idea more horrifying. The lyrics of this chant could relate to the movie “never sleep again” this gives the audience more ideas about what the movie could be about. Sleeping and nightmares link together. The noise made when you take the cursor over the links could relate to the movie it could be a noise heard in the movie often which creates more tension and makes the audience feel drawn into it to feel included in the movie more.

Since this the movie website has been changed as the movie has been released and is ready to be brought out on DVD and blu ray this is an example of synergy and is useful for the audience so for the people who have waited that prefer to watch the movie at home they can go out and purchase it.

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