nightmare on elms street poster

The main focus on the poster is the close up image of the character. The hat he is wearing slightly covers his face hiding his eyes. This highlights the idea of people fearing what they can’t see which is a subject touched on in a lot of horror movies. It also gives the poster a sense of mystery which ties in with the main theme of horror. The full identity of this character isn’t revealed, making the audience curious. The hand which comes across the body of the character seems as if it is made of metal, it doesn’t look like a normal human hand, which suggests to the audience it is not human, this portrays the idea of a monster, another connotation of horror. The claws also represent death and torture in the ways the audience perceive its appearance and how they imagine them to be used. It is obvious to the audience they will have a main purpose in the movie as they take up a big space and is one of the most eye catching things on the poster as the claws connote elements of horror.

The characters face, we can just make out some of its facial features, we see its skin is gruesome looking, this portrays a monster and shows the character isn’t normal, there is something not right. This means it could also be portrayed as inhuman.

The colours used on this poster are also dull, similar to the other horror movie posters. The main colours used on this poster are red and black. The black connotes mystery and darkness, also evil. The red which is more to the right side of the poster, towards the end of the claws connotes blood and murder. All which are common elements of horror movies.

The movie title is not written on the poster suggesting the movie is already well recognised or well known. The character image is well recognised by a horror movie audience. The fact it says “2010” at the bottom of the poster suggests the movie is a re-release. Underneath this is the movies promotional website, this is in a very small, red font which isn’t very noticeable, it’s still contrast well against the black background therefore it can still be easily read. The red font also connotes blood and murder which are common theme in horror movies.

This type of movie poster is typical of horror movies so it would be aimed at an audience who watch them. The image presented was used to draw this particular audience in and attract their attention. Instantly this poster would be recognised by the horror genre because everything included on the poster represents typical themes of horror.

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