halloween 2 poster

The main focus on this poster, is the image which dominates the frame. The male character has long hair and is dressed in black/dull colours which connotes mystery and curiosity as he doesn’t want to draw much attention to himself. The fact he has long hair could suggest to the audience he doesn’t care about his appearance or look after himself. He is holding a knife in one hand raised in the air and in the other hand it looks as if he is clutching someones hair, as if he is about to stab someone. The knife symbolises death and murder, this shows there will be violence in the movie, so the audience for this movie would have to be over a certain age limit. The knife is a common prop in horror movies to be used as a weapon. This gives the character the image of a typical villain in a horror movie. The image portrays the characters dominance and power that people should fear.

The character is standing in what looks like a field or outdoor area of some sort as we can see the grass towards the bottom of the image. This creates a setting, the clouds and the rain add to it. Rain is common weather to be featured in horror movies as for most people the rain isn’t something they enjoy, its looked on as negative. This could relate to the negativity of the movie.

The main colours used on the image are dark and create a dull setting. The image is almost just black and white. The black and white sets an old dark setting, common in horror movies and relates to horror aspects as darkness can be a fear. Bright colours are not usually appropriate for horror movie posters. As they draw in attention otherways to appeal to there specific audience. Also so the poster will be easily recognised as a horror movie.

Above the image towards the top of the poster it says “family is forever”, this gives the audience a slight clue about the movie. A horror based on something to do with families. The font used is a white, bold, capitalised font which contrasts well against the black background. There are tiny bits missing out the font which matches the black and white theme of the whole poster. It also suggests the idea of people fearing what they cant see. The movie title “Halloween 2” relates to the horror genre as Halloween connotes a celebration of all things to do with horror. The font used for the title is a orange, bold, block capitalised font. The orange relates to the Halloween theme, as a symbolic colour. The areas of the font which have the effect of parts being faded away also follow the idea of people fearing what they cant see. Which many horror movie promotions use. The orange font contrasts well against the black background, it draws attention to itself as it is the only thing of colour on the whole poster.

The movie release date is displayed underneath the movie title and credits “August 28th” this lets the audience know when they can go and see the movie. “Everywhere” suggests the movie is going to be screened in most cinemas worldwide, which shows it will be a popular movie.

Most things seen on this poster can be takes as negative, such as the knife which connotes death, the dark setting which connotes fear and in general the horror theme. But these elements all appeal to people of a horror movie audience. Most conventions on this poster are common on other horror movie promotion posters. The audience would be able to take one look at this poster and know what type of genre this movie is.

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