Fonts for film poster

Different fonts that I might use within my film poster and film website.

I chose Viner Hand ITC at the end because I thought it will match my gener more.  Cold night for alligator looks a bit too bloody for a thriller movie.  Mistral feels a bit too smooth for a thriller film, the same with Maiandr a GD.  Chiller looks like it is something will be used in a batman movie, which is a action movie. 

I thought Viner Hand ITC matches my genre because its outline isnt smooth, so it matches the thriller genre of mine.  The victim(s) of my movie is going to be teenager girl, so I thought a hand written font might be good for me to relate my story to her.  The font can be seen as formal as it is placed on the same level; also it gives out a hand written old fashion feeling.

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