collector website

The collector – website analysis

The collector website uses the same main image as the poster. An image of the character dressed in all black which represents evil and not wanting to be identified as he is tying a mask round his head. The fact he doesn’t want to be identified exaggerates the idea that people fear what they can’t see and this is a theme carried out in both the poster and the website image. His image connotes mystery and makes the audience want to know why he is covered. This time the house in the background is faded into black but it is still visible so we still see the same setting of the movie taking place in the house which is a common place for horror movies to be taken place in, it creates a setting for the movie. The title “The Collector” is placed at the bottom of the page in block white capitals this stands out against the image as it is only black. The fact that the logo and image on the website is the same as the one used on the poster shows there is a consistency carried out on both of them, this is to get the audience familiar with the brand they instantly recognise which film it is if they have seen either the website or poster before. The two DVD covers placed under the image market the movie so the audience know they can go out and buy it. It also shows how synergy is used to market the movie to their audience they not only can but it on standard DVD but blu-ray as well. Underneath the title there are links for facebook, myspace and twitter and other social network websites this is another use of synergy to market the movie to their audience and gets people worldwide to know about the movie. The text on either side of the DVD covers is written in a white capitalised font with little bits missing the theme of people fearing what they don’t see carries out in on this website. On the right hand side it tells the audience what date the movie comes out on DVD “April 26th” so viewers know when they can expect to go out and buy it if they want to. This is extra information for the audience. The links underneath for facebook, myspace and itunes are in written in a red block the red symbolises blood and murder which is another theme carried out in horror movies. The use of social networks and itunes also promotes the movie further to a wide range of people and creates a bigger audience so more people will watch it because more people know about it.

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